First Status Update & News v0.1

Start your own text based brwoser game

This is our first status update and blog post on our text-based browser game script project (bit of a mouthful). So please bear with us as there’s a lot to condense down into a blog post.

Just over a week ago we started creating a new, never seen before browser-based game, it’s built using its own framework, algorithms (i.e fighting, levelling up, even the banking system has its own unique twists!), it comes with cool features, some never seen before, and will take your users on a long-lasting adventure. There’s also ways in which you can make money through advertising, selling “VIP” packs, and more.

We don’t like sitting around, this you will learn through our blog series. We have already made some big steps towards getting the game out there and letting you download your own copy. The sooner we get it out there, the sooner you guys can help with testing. But before that, over the next few days we will open up the demo for you to try, and iron out any bugs prior to you getting a copy (there’s no point you getting a buggy version if we can help it). We will also open a forum where you guys can then provide feedback, bug reports, and generally chat amongst yourselves.

Once everything is up and running there will be an area for people to share their addons and modifications. We hope to build a friendly community of game owners, developers, promoters, designers, and other likeminded people. So please signup and be part of that community.

Its hard to show you screen shots as we have primarily focused on getting the bulk of the coding done whilst desiging a half decent layout and design. However, the final design and layout will be greatly improved with the flexibility for you to set the colours and upload the background image (if you want one).

Lets update you with where we are now in terms of current working and alpha tested features

These are the notes from our dev diary so far

Admin Settings
General Settings
• Set the name of the game
• Set amount of staring money
Set amount of starting money in players bank
• Starting amount of tokens (tokens comes with VIP)
• Set price of registering a bank account
• Set starting Agility, Stamina, Strength
• Set price of gym membership
More admin features to come

Small Features
Player signup date and time
Levelling up system based on exp
Sigup IP
Bank transactions history
Different bank account types
VIP, pay for extras
Player age
Checks for minus and max figures in cron and header i.e minus money, health exp, energy etc  (anti cheat bits)
Player atrributes: health, energy, agility, stamina, strength, exp
More to come very soon

In-game currencies
Bank Acc

City Bank
– Player needs to register for a bank acc
– Different bank account types based on players life style
– Player needs to register for gym membership
– Gym gains very based on player level
– Multiple factors taken into consideration when creating this area like: health, level, agility, stamina, strength etc
– Detailed battle outcome
– Earning exp changes based on if the player attacks someone higher or lower
– Loser looses half of cash, and winner gains it
– If you attack someone and lose, the other person earns exp and half of your cash
– Recovery costs change based on players level

Cron Jobs
5+ energy every 15 minutes for standard players
10+ energy every 15 minutes for VIPs
More secuirty checks
Player gets one day older

With all that said, we do plan to return to features very shortly like the battle area and add battle logs to track your fights, and provide your players with detailed battle stats.

The work never ends so another status update will be just around the corner! Its hard to say what will be in that update, hopefully the demo, if not a date to when that will be live, but as there are so many features to add we will just have to surprise you!

Here are some screenshots of our test site, the final design and layout will be greatly improved!

An example of a battle outcome
Bank registration
Gym membership
Bank account screen

The above are just afew areas that we can show you. We do plan to make the pages look nicer for the final release, but all functionality is there.

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