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Three days ago, we posted our first update and news on our text-based browser game project, and we’re back with further updates!

Since our post we have been working hard as usual, adding new features, and developing the game further. So lets dive straight in and take a look at what’s been happening.

Battle Logs
As mentioned in our first post, after creating our battle script we wanted to extend it further by adding battle logs. This will allow your players to track their battles and see how they’ve been getting on. Currently player battle logs are being displayed on the players home screen. Players will also see how many fights they have had, how many times they have won, lost or drawn as well as other small bits

Like most browser-based games we thought about adding a casino, the main purpose giving players something extra to do and make some money (or lose money) in the process. The casino comes with 3 games, lucky dip, hi-lo and scratch cards. The scratch cards for example change in price and prize as the player levels up, making it more interesting and beneficial to play. The lucky dip consists of other in games items and the picking of the prize is random, with the addition of some rotten eggs. Players can win money, exp, energy etc. Hi-lo and lucky dip can only be played 10 times each per day. Certain games like hi-lo will keep track of your earnings through your lifetime playing the game.

Gym Stats
This is a small addition but allows players to see how much they have been gaining in the gym over the course of a set period, currently defaulted to 24 hours.

Player Rank
We have added a player ranking system based on how much exp they have earned. We might modify this script further to consider other stats.

Scrap Metal
More will come on this item and how it is used within the game. The game doesn’t have a crafting system but players will come across this throughout the game

Updated Cron
We have updated cron to reset the users daily turns for hi-lo and lucky dip

Player Home Screen
We have made some dents on the players home screen which is one of the features we want pretty much finished for the release of the demo.

As you can see, within 48 hours we have progressed even further with more updates and content just around the corner. Below are some further screenshots

Casino Games
Stats – Ignore Vitals as we have updated that section

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