v0.1.3 Updates From The Dev Diary

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Its been a few days since our last progress update, and we have lots to update you on.

The game is now starting to take shape as more and more features get added, you can start to feel the flow of how the game will work and generally start picking up on other elements like: how much money a user can earn in a day, how quick a user can level i.e power levelling etc. You don’t want your users earning shed loads of money straight away as it’ll ruin their experience (nothing to work towards), the same goes with levelling, you don’t want users to be able to level up quickly as again it takes the fun away from the game. So finding a balance for features like this is important.

So lets dive in and take a look at the recent additions

Mining Parties
Within the game is an old mine that people still use. In order to enter the mines and start collecting minerals you first need to join or form a mining party. A mining party consists of one leader and 4 workers. The leader is the one who pays for the mining party, this price can be changed by the admin. The workers join the party for free. Once a mining party has 5 users the leader can mark it as complete. Each user receives a share of minerals based on an algorithm, the leader will always earn the most as they paid for the party. Players can also earn mining skill which will earn them more minerals as their skill increases. More will be released in the future about the minerals and what they are used for

Each player has a backpack, this is where all in games items are stored. Items can be consumed, actioned and used from within the backpack.

Player Networth
We have also added a networth system, this works out the networth of your player based on multiple different factors. The goal is to have a high networth. This is just something extra to keep your players busy

Gym Gains, Battle Logs and Bank Transaction
Each of the above stores information for 7 days before being wiped. Battle stats like, how many battles you have had, won or lost will last forever but the outcome of the battles you have had gets cleared. Same with bank transactions, every 7 days these also get wiped. Gym gains was coded like this so players can see their progression over the last 7 days.

Second Theme
We have decided to keep our dark theme but have also created a second theme which is a lot brighter and alot cleaner, your players will have the option of picking which theme they would like and can change it at any point.

Player Homepage
We have started work on the players homepage

Registration form
Small change to the username field, we have used html 5 to restrict username length so usernames can’t be longer than 12 characters. Users with long usernames can break\alter the layout of a page or element so this was put in place to help prevent that.

Missions – City Planning
This feature is going to be one of the different mission areas. This feature isnt finished yet but we thought its worth mentioning. With this mission area we plan to add atleast 70-100 missions, the player can only complete one missions per day making them come back daily. Completing missions will earn the player money or in game items. Completing a mission area can also give the player access to other areas not accessible unless the missions are all complete.

We have also brought in the use of food. Certain foods will restore your players energy by a set amount. A player can only eat 5 pieces of food per day.

One of several areas where users will be able to purchase different types of food. As they progress throughout the game they will have access to more types which will restore more energy.

Below as usual are screenshots, you’ll see part of the new theme as well.

We will continue to add new features and progress the game further. We will release another update shortly

Player homepage with the new theme and new stats
The mining area

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