Update v0.1.4

Updates from the dev diary

Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you all had a lovely time with your friends and family and are now looking forward to 2019.

We have been updating our game script, making improvements and adding new features. Since our last update we have added quite a bit.

The mission’s area is coming along nicely, we still have quite a few missions left to add but it shouldn’t take us too long. The missions will keep your players coming back month after month, they are limited to one mission a day and some missions can take a few days for the player to achieve.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening since the last update

In the last update we mentioned that we have released a supermarket, this has now been fully completed. This supermarket is mainly focused at new players, more areas unlock as you progress through the game. The supermarket consists of 14 food items, the food can restore small portions of the players energy, the player will only be allowed to eat 10 meals per day. The energy restores in the supermarket can vary from 1 to 10 energy per food item. The player will have to buy food to work out which food gives 10 energy. This will be one of few functions that will restore energy. The price of the food goes up as the player levels up.

Food – Backpack
We have now fully completed the food section of the backpack, the food area can hold 10 food items maximum. Players can eat or discard food items.

Items – Backpack
In the players backpack they can collect in game items. There is now a section for items in the back pack, these are just general items that you come across, some can be used for missions, some can be sold and others have special actions. We will expand this feature further before release. If an item can be sold i.e sold at the pawnshop, then the player will see a resell value next to the item. (Pawnshop or its equivalent hasn’t been created yet).

Camps / Exploring the Streets
We have added a new game area called Camps, this is an area of the game where the player can explore the abandonded streets, they will come across enemies, items, parts of missions, and different camps scattered around the city for the player to explore. They get 50 steps every 12 hours and it will keep track of what you have earned that day exploring the streets and camps. This feature is coming a long really well and really quickly, more information on this will be released in the future.

Networth Updated
As we add new features we have modified the players networh to incorporate the new items and values that can help increase a players networth.

Just a small mention about items. There are more than 14 food items, some can only be found exploring the streets. Whilst exploring the streets you can come across dead bodies, you take their money and wallet to sell later. You can collect as many wallets as your like etc. We have also added a new mission item that the user needs to find. More items are added all the time so we will keep you posted.

Construction Site
Currently the construction site allows players to sell the scrap metal they accumilate whilst playingn the game. We plan to use the construction site for other purposes as well, again more will be released as we roll forward with the development.

Internet Cafe
This is an interesting game area. From the internet cafe you can scan players, this will always produce a partial report showing you stats like cash, bank, agility, strength, stamina etc. The player pays a geek and the geek produces the report. Also from the internet cafe you will be able to empty bank cards into your own bank, bank cards hasnt been coded yet but will be an in-game item the user can come across., and you can also use gems here for a special item. Gems will be accessible once the user has melted down and refined their minerals. The internet cafe will also be used for a mission or two.

Cron Updates
Health restores will happen twice a day, once your game has a lot of active members then you can drop health resotores to once a day but thats up to you. Below are the small changes to the crons
24 hour cron resets steps
24 hour cron restores health
24 hour cron resets daily gain from exploring the streets
12 hour cron resets steps
12 hour cron restores health

Now lets take a look at the screen shots

An example of a report

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