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We are very close to releasing the demo version, but before we can do that, we still need to complete some major areas like: player profiles, gangs, weapons and armour, a communication system and then we should feel more comfortable about showing people the game and bug testing it.

Since the last update we have progressed quite a lot, we have been working on a major area which for now we are calling Pets. This is where the player can come across wild animals and potentially catch them as pets. Pets can earn exp, die, level up, feed, earn stats, and in turn can help you slightly in battle. Currently players can only have two pets at a time.

Apart from pets we have added some more areas, all these areas come together to give the player more to do, and to keep them coming back throughout the day. The game is also one big puzle, there are missions, without completing certain missions you can’t unlock new areas. Reaching certain areas influence other factors, most game areas are linked together in one way or another and as the player progresses, it gets a lot harder. Players dont have to complete the puzzles to play the game, level up and have fun, but they will have a more limited experience.

Lets take a look at whats been happening:

Items Added Since Last Update:
Fighters Pass
Gold Watch
Bank Cards
Animal Cages
Old Phone

Food Added
Rotten Fish

Wild Fox
Wild Squirrel

The items will become a bit clear as we talk about the new features.

Factories – New Area
Players can take their minerals here to be converted into Gems, gems are very valuable will become an important item.

Internet Cafe Fully Complete
In our last post we mentioned about scanning players at the internet cafe, well now the geeks and nerds can do more for you. As you explore the game you will come across bank cards, the nerds can brank into the bank cards earning the player money. The nerds will also boost players stats for an agreed amount of Gems, this will make mining very popular and an important feature to keep logging in to use.

Pet Store
Before players can catch pets they need to buy a cage, players can only buy two cages and therefore can only have two pets.

My Pets
This is where the player can manage their pets from.

Theme Switcher
Players will be able to switch between a dark theme and a light theme

The below format will change slightly as I’m just going to copy and paste the remainder straight from the diary. If I dont I won’t get this post released.

City Square

  • Can visit the statue as many times as they like, get a reward once a day i.e health restore or energy restore
  • Can catch the wild squirrel here
    Tat Shop
  • Your players can sell items they have collected
  • Create a gang / costs 75,000 level 15
  • Donate to gang = money, gems, tokens vip packs
  • Earn exp for your gang
  • Gang home page = owner can update message on homepage
  • Gang can have a owner and co-owner
  • Gang info page
  • Keep track of exp earned and donations
  • Gang activity log

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