Dev Update V0.1.7

Apologies for the delay in posting our recent update.

It has been very busy the last two weeks, both online and offline. I have had to take a few days here and there out from working on the game, which has motivated me to work harder to make up for the time, hence this late post.

So it has been two full weeks since last updating you on the progression of the game. We have finally completed several major areas, like weapons and armour, but let me explain in more detail below

36+ Weapons
We have now completed the weapons area. This includes creating the record for each weapon in the database, and creating four different weapon shops that users unlock as they progress through the game.

36+ Armour
This basically a repeat of the above but with armour. All records have been added to the database along with four armour shops.

More Gang Options
Gang Invites
Request to join
Kick member
Activity log
Send money, gems, tokens etc
Gang member title
Gang area info box

Currently the game has two cities, the player will need to complete and progress through city one to get to city two. There are more options, shops, features etc in city two.

Friends Requests
Plyers can send each other friend requests and build up a friends list

The player can also create a hitlist of players they would to attack.

Fighters Arena
This can be found in the second city and is a fun addition, players get to compete with fighters for a prize.

Before we can release the demo we need to add more missions, complete users profiles, add a instant messenger type system, add a gang armoury….and then we should be good to release it and get your feedback and bug reports

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