Update v0.1.9 – New On Demo

It’s nearly there!

It’s been a long 3 weeks since the last status update, so let’s fill you in

The game has now taken on the form we were aiming for, its jam packed with features, areas, missions, items, weapons, armour and lots more. The demo will be released within the next day or two. We are just making the final adjustments, making it mobile friendly, and tweaking the last few bits to make the game flow without any glitches.

When you sign up you will take on the role of a citizen in this online virtual city. You will be able to interact in multiple ways with other players, you’ll be able to make in game friends, enemies, battle, race carts, mine, join gangs, trade, message, and a lot more!

There’re also tons of features to keep your citizens coming back and logging in daily. For example, they will want to keep coming back to train in the gym, level up and earn exp, look after their pets, collect minerals, explore the streets, complete missions, trade, race, progress through the game itself, and again much more.

Missions have a restriction on them, the main missions only allow the citizen to complete one a day. They should be motivated to complete them to help unlock the second city which has a lot more features and more ways to progress their character and the game. It also keeps them coming back daily and designed to use the core features of the game, which will then help the other citizens playing the game.

The game consists of 3 main cities, the player will have to unlock each one, completing easy to hard missions along the way. There’re also side missions as well, it’s not just as straight forward as completing the main missions to unlock the cities, areas of the game depend on where the user is in other areas, make the game a game within itself. (I do hope that made sense)

When the demo gets released, it will be on a development website, once all bugs and issues have been ironed out then we will move it to a friendlier URL and use it as a live productive site as well as a demo site.

It’s important to help test the game and report any issues, the more issues (if any exist that is) that get resolved, the better it will be for you when you come to down your own version and start your own text based browser game.

Below are the recent features and updates, we do plan to create a notification system next and other areas but they will be created and added to the demo version. For now, we are making the final adjustments for the release of the demo, once it released we will carry on adding features and making changes.

We will also have an in-demo update area, so you can see the latest changes and additions.

It’s hard to say how long until you can download a copy, we are hoping a lot of people sign up, test the game and report any issues. Ideally, we would like people to be downloading the first release within 2-3 weeks max.

City One – This has now been completed and is the home of 24+ areas.
City Two – This has also been completed and is the home of 10+ additional areas.
City Three – Not quite complete yet but nearly there. It will take awhile to get to this area so the demo will keep people more than busy testing and playing.
Active Users – New area in the town hall (might have posted about this one before, sorry)
Police Station – Shows who’s been banned, for how long, and the reason. We are 99% sure we will add a couple of side missions here.
Player Armoury – This is the area where a player can add and remove weapons or armour.
City Planners Missions – The missions for this area have now been completed and help towards unlocking the second city.
Bus Station – Under raps for now
Burger Shop – Player can purchase additional food to feed their pets, themselves, or anything else they want it for. Players can only eat 5 pieces for food per reset to help control the progression and keep it more strategic. The burger shops are also the home of the begging areas
Burger Shop – Same as above but with better benefits.
Begging Area – A begging area where players can beg for money, they also earn a begging skill, and shortly they can also beg for the gang they are in.
Begging Area 2 – Same as above but better.
Old Garages – Players can buy an old garage, it comes with an old cart with old parts. They can race their cart, win points and can upgrade their parts. Soon their will be racing classes and the points you win will be able to be used for other stuff. By the time you get to this feature, those additions will be there.
Sidebar – Finally completed the sidebar, wasn’t sure what to do with it at first but now it’s a much-needed addition. Its also hidden on the mobile version and is just a desktop feature. On the mobile version you get a mobile friendly main menu.
Private Messaging – You can now send each other mail.
User Profiles – Finally completed, but I’m sure we’ll change them again before final release!
Admin Features – You won’t see this in the demo, but we at some point once we’re closer to final release you will have access. We have just added more to the admin panel with a lot more still to come. The admin panel is something we have neglected, however, it’s not something you can fully focus on until all the features and areas of the game are in place.

A Burger Shop
The First City Features List
Old Garage
Cart Racing

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