Features List

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  • City Bank
  • User needs to setup an account before use
  • Account type changes based on amount in account
  • Gym
  • User needs to register for membership
  • Player gains more as the level up
  • Battle
    • Multiple factors taken into consideration when creating this area like: health, level, agility, stamina, strength, pets, weapons and armour etc
  • Detailed battle outcome
  • Takes into account health, level, agility, stamina and strength
  • Exp changes based on if you attack a higher or lower level
  • Loser losses half of cash (not whats in the bank)
  • Defending player earns exp if they win and half of attackers cash
  • Battle log, tracks wins loses and ties
  • Hospital
  • The cost of healing goes up depending on your level
  • Casino
  • Player must be level 10 to enter the gym
  • Lucky Dip with over 30 prizes and costs $500 per dip with 10 dips a day
  • Hi-Lo costs $500 per go and the player wins $1000 if correct minus cost of playing, can only be played 10 times a day
  • Hi Lo liftetime wins and loses are recorded
    -Scratch Card, Prize and cost goes up as the player levels up
  • Mining Parties
  • City Planning Office
  • Missions Area
  • Food Shop
  • Construction site
  • Convert scrap to cash
  • Construction Missions
  • Internet Cafe
  • Scan players
  • Gems to Stats
  • Bank Cards
  • Factories
  • Convert Minerals to Gems
  • Pet Store
  • User need to buy a cage before catching an animal
  • You can catch a wild fox when exploring the city streets
  • My Pets
  • Pets lose health daily
  • Pets age daily
  • Pets can earn exp
  • Pets can build up attack, defence and speed
  • Pets can die
  • Pets can eat meals
  • Pets can help in fights
    City Square
  • Can visit statue as many times as they like, get a reward once a day i.e health restore or energy restore
  • Can catch the wild squirrel here
    Tat Shop
  • Your player can sell items they have collected
    -Create a gang / costs 75,000 level 15
    -Donate to gang = money, gems, tokens vip packs
    -Earn exp for your gang
    -Gang home page = owner can update message on homepage
    -Gang can have a owner and co-owner
    -Gang info page
    -Keep track of exp earned and donations
    -Gang activity log
    -Gang vaults
    -Gang Invites
    -Request to join
    -Kick member
    -Send money, gems etc
    -Gang member title
    Fighters Arena
    Friend Requests
    Hit List
    Town Hall
    The Streets
  • Covert minerals to gems
    City 1
    City 2
    City 3
    Player Armoury Complete
    Police Station
    City Planners Missions Completed
    Bus Station
    Burger Shop
    Bob’s Burgers
    Begging Area Completed
    Begging Area 2 Completed
  • Daily Beg
  • Total Beg
    Old Garages
  • Buy a garage
  • Get a basic cart
  • Buy cart upgrades
  • Race carts
    Sidebar Completed
    User Profiles Completed
    Private Messaging
  • 5 Weapons Shops Added
  • 5 Armour shops added